Academic Explorations

Life is interdisciplinary and hands-on—learning should be too!

Academic Explorations go beyond standard college prep curriculum to discover unexpected contours in learning and to pique student curiosity. Each 20-hour AE class meets outside the regular school day, emphasizes experiential learning, and often includes blended learning and field trips.

To encourage intellectual risk-taking, AE classes are assessed on a pass/fail basis.  Each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) offer a variety of course opportunities from the arts, sciences, real-world application skills (such as medicine, finance, or cooking) and wellness. These courses are taught by both currently faculty/staff and outside experts in the field. Feel free to browse this list of previously offered Academic Explorations.

To participate in an AE during the school year, students must have a current GPA of 3.0 or better. Summer enrollment is open to all current students with a 2.0 GPA or better. Please note: in addition to the registration fee ($100), some courses require a materials fee. De Paul Scholars must complete three AEs during their time at SHC,  but do not pay a registration for for their first three AEs.

See the Schoology Group, SHC Announcements, Resources for more information. Please email AE Coordinator Spenser Morris with questions. Happy exploring!

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